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Avalanche Awareness Education Month

Posted by [email protected] on August 22, 2011 at 7:40 PM

November is Avalanche Awareness Education Month. To bring awareness to this important topic, the Alaska Pacific University, the Alaska Avalanche Information Center and the North America Outdoor Institute, along with numerous other agencies including the American Avalanche Association, Alaska Search and Rescue Association, Alaska Avalanche School, Alaska Railroad, Alaska Snowmobile Association, clubs and equipment providers, will convene for the first ever Alaska Snow Safety Conference. 

Alaska leads the U.S. in per capita avalanche fatalities. Public forecasts and education, along with community planning and zoning, are tools we, as a community can develop to help curb this unwanted statistic.


Using Alaska state law as our lead, we, as a concerned and dedicated avalanche community can make a difference.


Alaska Statute 18.76.010 Participation in statewide avalanche warning system.


The Department of Public Safety, acting in cooperation with a municipality or with an agency of the federal government, shall participate in the development and implementation of a statewide avalanche warning system and shall represent the state in the operation of that system. The statewide system shall


(1) establish and maintain a service center and primary and supplementary field stations to gather information and data concerning ground weather conditions, snow pack, and avalanche activity;


(2) Forecast snow avalanche conditions throughout the state;


(3) Coordinate a public awareness program on avalanche danger;


(4) Catalog a comprehensive atlas of avalanche paths and slide occurrences; and


(5) Assist local governments and state agencies in identifying hazardous avalanche zones and in developing snow/avalanche zoning regulations.


This weekend’s first Alaska Snow Safety Conference is a place to put these words into action. Your participation creates the next chapter of Alaska’s snow safety history.

You are helping Alaskans LIVE TO RIDE ANOTHER DAY.


Sarah Carter, AAIC

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